At the core of all suffering
   lies resistance to the present moment.

By lowering our resistance
   we free ourselves from suffering.

So beautiful. So concise. So well-intended.

Such bullshit.

A lot of people who write about this stuff are fond of talking about "the present moment" and how important our relationship to this precious slice of time is. But so often they, like the author of the above, fail to follow through on their most treasured discovery, that the present moment is all there is.

This is true. But if you're going to take this all the way, you really have to commit to it. And when you commit to it, you don't say things like "resistance to the present moment", because there is no such thing. If the present moment, or "the form the present moment takes", or "just this" -- English has no really good words with which to discuss this -- is all there is, then there can be no resistance to it, because there is nothing outside of it to resist it!

If we think we're resisting, we're not. It's just that the present moment has taken the form of resistance (whatever form that might be). There is nobody resisting anything, there is just the resistance. (And there really isn't even that, there's just physical sensations, thoughts, etc.)

This is why this Chapter, particularly the second stanza, is such a disaster. Because it paints the picture of the present moment, a "we", and something "we" need to do about it. Some way we need to alter our relationship with the present moment. People "on the spiritual path" will struggle with this endlessly, without ever making any headway. And they can't make headway, because they can't alter their relationship with the present moment, because there is no such thing as a "relationship with the present moment", or an "alignment with what is". There is only the present moment, only what is, only this, and nothing, nobody, nowhere to have a relationship with it.

There may appear to be a "me" and a "this" and a relationship between the two, but that is just the appearance that "this" happened to take, and nothing, nobody, nowhere to relate to it.

You can't lower your resistance to the present moment, because there is no resistance, and nobody to lower it.

Sorry! My bad.