This is a Webpage?

You can take the boy out of the webpage, but you can't...wait, that's not right at all.

Well, no matter. I just don't feel right not having a forum in which to run off at the mouth whenever I feel like it, and nobody can hear me when I'm in the shower (you can't, can you?), so a webpage is the next best solution. Not to say that this webpage is the best next best solution, but it will do.

And now, I'll answer some of your more pressing questions, in the time-honored "Q/A" format which I'll steal from Adam Cadre's Photopia Phaq, which he stole from my Pong FAQ, which I'm sure I stole from someone else, but fortunately for me, I can't remember from whom.

Q. Why aren't there any graphics or nifty doo-dads on this page?
A. Because I hate that crap.

Q. What happened to "Pinback"? Aren't you "Pinback"?
A. In the carefree days of youth, I found it fun to take a fictional name for myself, to use either as a sword with which to attack the world, or a shield with which to defend myself from it, I'm still not sure which. "Pinback" was that name. But we all grow up as time goes on, and I felt it was time for a change. So for this webpage, I was gonna call myself "Floobywackamackadibble the Supercool", but that was too hard to type, so I decided to just stick with my own name.

Q. Could you take us through a brief history of the past incarnations of this site?
A. Yes, but wouldn't it be better to live in the now?

Q. Not judging by the paltry new offerings that this site currently features.
A. Well, geez, it's only been up for like 15 minutes already. Gimme a chance. Anyway, here's the history:

Q. That was riveting.
A. Wasn't it, though?

Q. What's your favorite part of all the stuff available on this website?
A. Hmmm. I liked a couple of the PWC Introductions a lot. "Fresh Step" gets me every time, and some of the older ones are particularly hilarious. "Heaven and Hell" was good. Also, I like the little chess graphic that (still, after all this time) adorns the Perimeter's front page. And finally, I thought that (except for the last one) the stuff that my good friend Clash wrote was extremely funny. So, those three things.

Q. That was five things.

Q. "The Ben Parrish Memorial Website" is really a terrible name. Can't you do any better than that?
A. Yes, probably. I wouldn't be surprised if it got changed within the next day or so.

Q. If it does, will you come back here to remove these paragraphs, which will no longer make any sense?
A. No.

Q. Oh.

All contents of this page except for the parts that aren't, are copyright (c) 1999 by Ben Parrish. And don't you forget it.
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