ahab - An HTML Auto-Builder

A little while ago, I found myself wishing I had a simple, quick, effective HTML templating tool, so that when something had to change globally over an entire website, I wouldn't have to go in and change every single page.

Well, I couldn't find any. So I wrote one.

If I may be permitted to praise myself for a moment, it is (truthfully) the most helpful web publishing tool I've ever used. It is the backbone of every website I implement (including this one right here), and as such, has consistently proven itself invaluable.

It's called ahab, and now I'm offering it to the world.

When I first wrote ahab, I hastily scratched down some documentation. In preparation for this webpage, I hastily turned it all into HTML. This documentation is passable, but not particularly impressive. If the need arises, I'll redo it.
Currently, all I have to offer is the C source code (tared and gzipped) which compiles on any Unix system. If anyone wants to port it to other platforms, that would be nifty.

The current version of ahab is 0.98d. It's the version I've been using for over six months with no problems.

Download ahab version 0.98d source code

I officially hereby give this program to the world. All I ask is that if you use it, you let me know, and tell me if you find any bugs or anything.

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