A couple weeks ago, I received the following message on my answering machine:

"[beeeeeep] Ya, ya. Goddamn, dat the longest, dumbest damn message I ever heard! Shit, I forgot what I gonna say. Oh ya, well, dis Mr. Cho from da Silver Panda. Remember, you come in here a while back and ask me lots of dumb question, piss me off? Ya, well, I still think you a big dumb goddamn American asshole, but I read on your page how you lookin' for sponsorship. Well, I put an ad on your dumb page if you want. And don't even start wid me about no goddamn "advertising rates", either. Fuck you! You like, got nobody readin' dat dumb page to begin with, you think I gonna pull one goddamn nickel outta my ass for you? Booshit! You put my goddamn ad up there for FREE, or stick it up your asshole, asshole! Fuck! Goddamn, now you got me all pissed off again widdis booshit. Okay, anyway. I send you a bunch of shit which you can put up on your page, like a menu and shit. Den I tell my customers to read your dumb shit. Take or leave it, dat's what I say. Don't like dat? Go fuck yourself and stick dat answering machine up your ass while you at it. Fuck! [click]"

I just receieved the material that Mr. Cho sent me, and set up the Silver Panda Page. Even though I receive no payment for this advertisement, I'm hoping that it will help to draw in new readers. If you are ever in West Palm Beach, please give Mr. Cho's fine restaurant a try. And if you see him, tell him I said he needs to take those baby corncobs out of his ass and lighten up a little.

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