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[Ed. Note - Pinback's Web Central is proud to present our first featured columnist, Clash. I hope you will show him the same respect and nearly obsessive admiration you've shown for me. That will teach him.]

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A Few Moments With Clash

People come up to me all the time and say, "Hey, Clash, who are you anyway? Why are you here and what do you think?" And who could blame them? But, while my quiet aloofness is wildly attractive, it does not, I have to admit, allow for much insight into my pysche. And dammit, I don't care what some other writers here say, there's nothing more imortant than you, the reader. Both of you. So, as the devil himself once said, please allow me to introduce myself:

You, the Reader: What?

Clash: Ok, I thought you would pick right up on this, but I guess I'll have to spell it out. We're going to do this in question-and-answer format, like a Movieline interview. You ask me a question about myself, and I'll answer it.

Y: Oh. It would have helped if you had explained that first, but whatever. So, call yourself Clash? That sounds kinda lame to me, what's the story?

C: Ha ha ha. Well, it sounded really cool in 1986, which is when my online persona (Clash) first emerged. Some people may feel comfortable changing cybernames all the time, but not me. I was Clash, I am Clash, and I will be Clash. End of story.

Y: Whatever. What's your real name?

C: Larry Trask.

Y: Ok...How long do I have to keep doing this?

C: A little bit more. Don't you want to know anything else about me?

Y: I guess. How do you know Pinback?

C: Good question. In the late 80's, I was running a BBS that specialized in porn. You know, GIFs. I had a US Robotics Dual Standard modem and a 200 mb hard drive full of porn (in those days, that was very happening gear). One day -- and I remember this as if it was yesterday -- someone named "Frosty" logged on to my system, downloaded a couple of megs of nudie shots, sent me email telling me how lame my BBS was because no one used the messaging system much, and left me the number to his BBS. As it turns out, Frosty was the very same person that you now know (and love) as Pinback.

So I called his BBS (laughably inferior to my own), left a few pithy messages (a few users got stung that day, let's just leave it at that) and we've been buds ever since. He looks up to me because of my worldly experience and unusual good looks.

Y: Whatever. Anything else?

C: Yes! I spent many years living and working in Washington, DC, which is a very fine city. You should visit if you get the chance (hint: South East is the place to be). But wanderlust got the best of me, so I moved from DC to Berkeley, CA several months ago. I now I live in the paradise-on-earth that is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Y: You like it there, huh? Aren't there a lot of gays in SF?

C: Ok, this interview is over.

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