The Obligatory Self-Aggrandizing Page

Just as you can't shop in a grocery store without getting behind some old lady with fifty-four coupons, screaming at the cashier, you can't get through a web site without the author telling you about himself, answering questions you'd never in several years care to ask.

Special Pinback Update - Note the changes in the following paragraph:

I am 26. I live in Germantown, Maryland. This is a delightful part of the Washington, D.C. suburbs that features such decorative touches as trees, grass, and beer/wine stores.

I have hobbies which you can read about by scanning the main page.

Also, I play the bass guitar, and am available for gigs.

Also, I have a pilot's license. (Note: I haven't flown in over a year and a half, I just included this fact because it makes it easier to get chicks.)

My father is this guy, and my mother finally lost her senses and created her very own webpage!

I hope one day to make a living by drinking beer and watching Nick @ Nite.

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