Stop the Inanity

Perhaps I just reached a point where I had had enough.

Perhaps it came to me as I sat waiting for some new Netscape plug-in to download, so that finally, once the damn thing was installed, I could have the pleasure of connecting to a site where I then was forced to wait several more minutes for the graphics to load up and tell me, in fancy, 3-D, spinning, rotating splendor, that I had to click on it to get to another page of nonsense, hidden within which was a tiny little portion of an image map that would let me get to a page which had the information I was looking for in the first place, once I allowed it several more minutes to load up.

Perhaps it was because I recently decided to do all of my web work from a UNIX shell prompt, and noticed that a great many pages were unavailable to me, because the precious information kept within could not simply be disseminated in an efficient, useful way. I had to have frames, and JavaScript, and...

So, I said, I'm tired of it. This war stops now. I want no acts of vengeance taken for the death of my son.

Wait, that's The Godfather. But anyway, the point is, from now on I am dedicating my web work (at least the work I don't get paid for) to making clean, efficient, content-rich, glamour-free pages that can be easily accessed by anyone, and can make some real use out of this amazing World Wide Web we have spawned. So there.

Praise the Lynx.

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That was in case any of you devious types were thinking of stealing all my cool stuff. So there.
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