In early 2000, I began what may be my all-time most idiotic hobby, supplanting gambling, writing, even computer games at the top spot on my list of things I don't like to tell chicks that I'm into. That hobby is riding roller coasters. This website is your source for all available information about my "progress" (if indeed you can keep a straight face long enough to call it such) in this hobby.

It is only fitting that I am writing this introduction during a lonely Friday night at home with my cats.

This section will feature all the ride reviews, trip reports, stat sheets and photographs that I can muster. I hope you will enjoy all of this exciting material, but if you don't, I would hope that you would at least do me the favor of not telling anyone else about this.

One statistic that will not appear here is the exact number of times that I have been on any particular ride. The reason is that that's very weird, even in this crowd. For those of you who are keeping these statistics, please stop. It's embarrassing.