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hat is an introduction? Webster's defines it as "the movement of a liquid out of or through a porous material or a biological membrane under the influence of an electric field". Oh, wait, no... that's "electroosmosis". Sorry, I clicked the wrong-- well, never mind that. The Introduction has always been the focal point of the PWC, the place where I, the webmaster, can talk to you, usually my mother, about what's going on with the site, with my life, or with anything that I just happened to feel like talking about. Normally, as long-time readers know, this is usually either beer, or chinese food. But stick around, because I may come up with some new topics one of these days! Like, possibly Italian food!

First & Second Quarter Update

1/13/2003: A Mind Forever Floundering
1/1/2003: The Seemingly Neverending Story

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