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ere you aware that it was time for the MONTH OF HEALTH to begin!? I sure wasn't! Good thing I created a webpage to remind me!

heck it out: The Ben Parrish Theme Song! ;) ;) ;) ... :(

ey, hey! A new especially depressing Intro for you! To be followed, almost without question, by several other depressing Intros! We're hoppin' now! And be sure to stop by the BBS and say hi to everyone who's there! Which is nobody!

new "Doodle" called Morose Encounters is now available po yo nissenin' pweasure, over in the Music section.

ah! Check it out! It's been less than one day, and already I'm bringing the content like a motherplucker! Join me as I introduce the latest Feature here at the PWC3: Pinback's Steaming Pile of Music!

ell, here we are. The legend continues. Continues to rock your world, that is. Yes, welcome one and all to the third version of the website which you can't live without, unless you happen to have a love interest, a job keeping you busy, or pretty much anything else that resembles having a life of any sort whatsoever.

Let me introduce you to some of the key new features of the website, for those of you who have been loyal readers to Pinback's Web Central 2 and/or 1:

  1. The first letter of several of the words are a different size and/or color from the rest of the letters in the words.

I am, as always, available to take your call in case you are unable to comprehend this, or anything else for that matter, including molecular physics.

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