Grave Situations

The biggest project to date, Grave Situations, is a feature length digital film that is being submitted to festivals around the world and is aimed at being pitched for a series next fall. The script is an original idea and can stand alone for the festivals to generate buzz.

It is a film that combines several genres including thriller, suspense, and horror all the while being a true character drama. What it boils down to is a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and CSI. It has been rumored by some to be called CSI: Transylvania. The title of the series will, at this point in time, be called Grave Situations. It follows the story of a young woman with the power to raise the dead who, with her expertise in demons and weapons, helps the police with paranormal crime scenes. The first film (or episode) is Grave Situations. When young boys are found murdered with ritualistic markings found carved in their flesh, the necromancer's fears are realized when it leads to a local church catering to vampire seekers.

Characters —Main Cast:

Julia (Kat Harter)
A sassy independent woman and necromancer who is tormented by her past. With a chip on her shoulder and an ever present gun at her side, nothing stands in her way. Except her one fear: Losing her humanity.
Douglas (Justin Ipock)
A cocky newbie that quickly realizes that life is not a game and everything isn't always handed to you. He was hired by the company Julia works for because of his empathic ability, he can tell what people are feeling through touch. Never having been in Julia's world, he learns that it is more dangerous that what he first thought, forcing him to realize what is most important in life.
Jerry (Donnell Turner)
Leader of the special task force designed for paranormal crimes. He is ruthless and intimidating and gets the job done. A family man, his only soft spot is for his wife. He calls in Julia only when needed, but as time goes on, he calls her more and more often.
Simcott (Keith Hastings)
Jerry's partner, a good hearted man that tries to lighten the darkest situation. The ever tried and true, he is always eager to bring the bad guy to justice. He just always seems to be the second one there.

Supporting Cast:

The Workplace

Don (Chad Long)
A greedy, grinning man with no morals, yet infectiously likeable.
Sarah (Suzie Duck)
Animators Inc.'s receptionist and resident mother figure. She is always smiling and ready to give advice, whether they want to hear it or not.

The Vampires

Gideon (Paul Major)
A powerful master vampire that has not been taught how the use his skills. He was tortured as a human and brings that out in his vamp ways, especially with young boys.
Daegal (Jerry Kokich)
The master vampire that takes Gideon under his wing, showing him the ways. He is from Anglo Saxon England and decides the new wave is the vampire church.
Vincent (Michael Goetz)
Mysterious club owner. He gives information when it is convenient to him. He is intrigued by Julia's power, helps her when he can.
Corbin (Justin Q. Ramond)
A punk kid who does the dirty work for Gideon and Daegal. A fierce fighter in his own right, his passion for torture makes him a logical choice to round up the victims.
Kane (George Perry)
Vincent's bodyguard and club bouncer. He is usually the one sent to follow up on Julia's whereabouts.
Gemma (Tara Monique)
The @quot;hat check@quot; girl at Vincent's club. She takes the weapons from the patrons. A killer in her own right, she flows from master to master, neither good nor bad.


Freddy (Armando Gutierrez)
An unfortunate boy who was tortured and killed by the vampires for sport. He is a zombie raised for information, but is, again, tortured.
Justin (James Aldridge)
The only living convert set to be a vampire. He gives out information knowing it's a suicide mission.
Samuel (Tad Hilgenbrinck)
A servile zombie eagerly awaiting his ascention to vampirehood. He is raised to find out what he can tell about the church.
Dillon (Glenn Perry)
The son of a wealthy businessman who was tortured for what he knew.


Jackson Gale (Ludwig Manukian)
Wealthy father to murdered Dillon. Jackson knows more than what he lets on.
Susan Greer (Elizabeth Moore)
Sister to Freddy who lures Julia to her brother's grave to let her in on a secret.
Jessica Van Alden (Debra Lee)
Mother of Samuel. Wealthy and weepy, she cannot fathom what has become of her son.
Mother (Susan Donovan)
Julia's mother and tutor in the way of the necromancer. She is killed when Julia is very young.
Father (Ken Arancibia)
Julia's father, tortured and disgusted by the knowledge that his daughter has the same gift as his wife.
Young Julia (Bailey Morrison)
A sweet young girl that realizes that her world is going to change forever.


Zachariah (Collin Stevenson)
The human servant that spreads the word to others about the vampire church. He is the epitome of the vamp tool.
Nurse Lillian (Adeline St. Romain)
The nurse that always takes care of Julia in the hospital, which is quite often.