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Duck, Suzie
Suzie's background is in the theatre, having earned her MFA degree in Acting/Directing. She's acted in numerous classical and contemporary plays, earning "stand-out performance" reviews from the LA Times for portrayals of Mistress Quickly in Henry V and Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet. Other film credits include Yard Sale, SecondPenny's web series Next Town, and Modern Art Pictures' Anonymity among others. She just directed Neil Simon's I Ought to be in Pictures at the Laurelgrove Theatre in Studio City, and she has also directed Hansel & Gretel, Same Time Next Year, The Odd Couple female version, Guys & Dolls, Cabin Fever, Finding the Sun, About this Guy, Last Day of Camp, The Wizard of Oz and the opera MacBeth. Currently, Suzie works as Assistant Director for the Repertory Opera Company, which just began its second season with performances of Falstaff.

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Goetz, Michael
Michael is a multi-talented performer hailing from Grosse Point, Michigan. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Michael is a regular performer in yearly festival films, and has a standing gig as MC of the Russian-Armenian Theatrical Society of Los Angeles. In addition to mixed German, Cherokee, and English blood flowing through his veins, Michael insists the theater does so as well, as he is a distant relative of legendary film producer William Goetz.

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Gutierrez, Armando
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Kat Harter
Harter, Kat
Kat began her acting career at the age of 4 and has never looked back. Born in Morrow, Ohio (just outside Cincinnati) to a Banker mother and a greeting card artist Father, Kat has no idea where her passion came from. She claims that her country lifestyle was the catalyst for a creative mind. Always the child that told the ghost stories around the campfire, she cannot remember a time when she wasn't performing. She moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and formed Counterflux Films in 2003. She has been known to be an avid reader, owning over 700 books, and a singer of musicals and Disney tunes.

Justin Ipock
Ipock, Justin
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Paul Major
Major, Paul
Paul Major has been acting since the fourth grade. He lives in Los Angeles and was recently seen on stage in, "The Stepford Berubians". Next up he'll be on stage again in a holiday dramedy, "Holidaze". Recently he and a few buddies, a lot of pizza, the X-Box game Halo, and a boatload of help from talented folks, created the animated project, "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", available on the internet at

Ludwig Manukian
Manukian, Ludwig
"Working with the cast and crew on this project has been a honeymoon in horror. The pleasure has been all mine. Special thanks to Kat Harter for her passion and patience. As for me, I am constantly trying get my foot in the door. I have appeared in many plays and films across the Southland and am lovin' my life as an artist."

Tara Monique
Monique, Tara
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John Collin Stevenson
Stevenson, John Collin
John is a Florida native. After graduating from the University of Florida, John worked in Japan and Asia doing commercials and movie roles. Upon returning to Florida, John pursued a career in theater as well as films and commercials. John moved to Los Angeles in 2004 where he is gaining attention for his portrayal of off-beat and historical characters in films like 1950ís Family, Eternal Bliss, Army Blues and most recently Past Tense. [ listing ]

Adeline Stromaine
St. Romaine, Adeline
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