Current Projects

When an egotistical, self -centered man receives what he thinks is a death threat, he is forced to look at his life differently in this short film.
Open Sky
A proper young woman in 1897 Boston flees her life to attain a new one in the Wild West finding courage, loss, and something she didn't expect, love.
Forever and a Day
When an astronaught's fiance is murdered as his flight on the first expedition to Mars departs, he focuses all his attention in reversing time. What he finds is an alternate reality where he is the one that was murdered and the only name the link the two is a mysterious man named Tran.
Tempest Strand
Hope Parker dreams of being a scientist and making a difference in the world. Little does she know her actual importance, until she stumbles on a miraculous find in the body of one man, a criminal.
Wayfarer Redemption Series
An epic fantasy that follows three characters in the course of their predetermined prophecy. In the vein of Lord of the Rings, this sweeping tale offers adventure, creatures, love, loss, and mystery. A fan favorite out of Australia, this trilogy is beautifully written by Sara Douglass.
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Anita Blake Series
Chicks with guns, killing vampires and large rat-like beings. Click on the above link to read them!
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