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Dr. Fred Krueger, DVM
  Dr. Fred has over 45 years experience in Veterinary Medicine and has focused the last 20 on holistic therapy. He started this clinic over 15 years ago in the hopes of making the lives of older and disabled animals a little better. He is head of our Massage Therapy Team.

Dr. Angela Voorhees, DVM
  Dr. Angie has been a Veterinarian for 30 years and decided to switch to a more holistic approach 10 years ago when she joined Dr. Fred. She is head of our hydrotherapy and acupuncture teams. Her motto is "a calm animal is a happy animal!"

Dr. Michael Myers, DVM, DC
  Dr. Mike has been a Veterinarian for 25 years. His focus has been on Chiropractic care for large and small animals. He joined Crystal Lake five years ago when he heard a lecture given by Dr. Fred on the advancement of animal therapies.

George Romero, CVT
  George has been a specialist in the field of Reiki and aromatherapy for over a decade. After a career as a dog trainer in the Entertainment Industry and Tai Chi master, he decided to mix the two and focus on Reiki Medicine for animals. He is world renowned in this field and often gives lectures around the world on the subject.

Regan MacNeil, CVT
  Regan was a Veterinary Technician for 10 years before finding her true calling in Massage Therapy. She has been studying for five years under Dr. Fred and feels there is nothing better than having a stressed animal relax in her hands.

Harley Quinn, Publicity & Morale
  Harley Quinn has been on staff for one year. She greets all clients with a smile and a tail wag, making sure they feel right at home. This is a Pit Bull bent on destroying their bad rap. She travels with Regan to various schools and hospitals to help spread the word that Pit Bulls are friendly, wonderful "kiss-bulls." Email us to find out where Harley will be next!

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